Errata - Known errors in the manuscript

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Security problem with the listing on page 131

The code listing at the very bottom of the page (using node_access()) lacks the necessary call to check_plain() for the node title passed to drupal_set_message().

Correction in the code on page 130

In the listing for the function unvulnerable_show_me_the_data(), the first line of the function seems to have a typo:

drupal_set_title(t('Searching for %suser-name', array('%user-name' => $user_search)));

The bolded placeholder in the text above passed to the translate function should probably be %user-name instead of %suser-name.

Correction on page 118

On page 118 of the text:

"A user can just as easily request"

The example URL should be:

Correction on page 37

On page 37 of Cracking Drupal, the "simple command to see if your site has changed" is listed as:
cd diff -up

However, shouldn't the command be this?:
cvs diff -up